About Us


We at the Earlsdon Acupuncture rooms, practise Five Element Acupuncture, which, of all types of acupuncture, is the oldest form, closest to its traditional Chinese foundations. Five Element acupuncture is very special because at its core is a natural law that teaches us the way to live our life to fulfill our potential for health on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is very much a traditional treatment for the health problems of modern life. Five Element acupuncture does not treat the symptom, which is seen as a outward manifestation of distress, or a signal that something is wrong. Rather than try to quieten a symptom, we look to the cause and so your course of acupuncture treatments will also be specific to you, and tailored to facilitate your own path of healing. What we Five Element Acupuncturists have learned though our practice and experience is that when we see and treat you, the patient, as an individual, this personal focus can bring about amazing transformations.
In Five Element Acupuncture, there is potential for healing regardless of age, illness or circumstance. Of course, we understand that the journey to health and well being is not necessarily an easy one depending what is going on in our lives and bodies: As acupuncturists our job is to ensure that your treatments are supporting you as you get back on the track you want to be on in life.
We feel that it is important that acupuncture is available to anyone who thinks it may help. Therefore we are always willing to treat children and, where we can, home and hospice visit those in Coventry who are too sick or physically restricted to visit the clinic.