Here is what a few of our 'patients have said.

Chronic Pain

'After years of trying everything from painkillers and private chiropractic treatment to NHS physiotherapy to help with my back pain following a car accident I turned to Floraine and I'm so pleased I did. Within a couple of treatments (of which I was a little sceptical) the nagging muscle pain in my shoulder and lower back had disappeared. I hadn't felt that free of pain in a long time.'
JF, Baginton


'I had chronic backpain for years. Acupuncture was a last resort, but I wish it had been my first! I reckon I'm practically pain free for the first time in three years. I would recommend it to anyone. '
NN, Binley.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

'When I first came for Acupuncture I was in a bad way with work stress,anxiety and insomnia. It was also starting to become a problem not just for me but also for my family life. My acupuncture sessions helped me see a light at the end of a tunnel and over time I found it easier to manage situations and get my family life back.'
SM, Walsgrave


'When i first came my migraines were so severe that I had to frequently take time off work. I have had them since my teenage years. Over time the gaps between migraine attacks grew longer. Now I still get the odd migraine, but no longer get debilitated. I am really glad I gave acupuncture a go.
DD, Coundon


I am eighty six and have very arthritic knees. My treatments make them alot more comfortable, especially getting up stairs. I really look forward to my sessions, especially the Moxa.'
MD, Earlsdon

CFS/Post Viral Syndrome

'I considered myself an active healthy man until I got a post viral syndrome. It had stopped me doing all the things I love, especially cycling and hiking. After three months of acupuncture treatment I am back on my bike and am even thinking of doing the three peaks challenge.'
RF, Kenilworth

Fertility Support

'We had been trying for a baby unsuccessfully for two years. I heard acupuncture might help and as I was going down the road for IVF I figured I had nothing to lose. All I will say is we never had to go to hospital except for the birth of our georgous daughter. Thank you, your wonderful treatments and support helped us more than words can say.'
RM, Hinckley

Post Stroke Recovery

'Last year I suffered a stroke. I could cope with the physical effects but not the constant fear of what if it happens again. I think acupuncture may have speeded up my recovery - it definitely helped me inmyself. I still come for a top up now and again. '
HJ, Cheylsmore

Gynae issues

'I contacted the clinic for help with polycystic ovarian syndrome. After a handful of treatments I was no longer sceptical as I was feeling benefits - ie, taking control of symptoms . After not many more treatments I fell pregnant , although was told be medics that I would need help , ivf even. I now have a beautiful baby boy of 3 and a little girl who is 2. Couldn't thank Floraine enough . Floraine was part of my miracle that I thought I would never have. '
EP Coventry


'So impressed was I with previous treatment for chronic pain, that when I fell pregnant and felt awful due to morning sickness, I turned again to acupuncture Within days I was feeling more energetic and far less sick than previously.
Several months later as the due date came and went I thought once more about alternatives to the traditional method of inducing labour, Floraine came to my rescue once more with acupuncture and 2 days later my labour began.
Each time I've seen Floraine I have been treated in the most caring and professional way I have ever experienced.' JF, Baginton